Community Relations Plan

The following is a Public Service Announcement:

The City of Sacramento, as of November 30, 2018 is reviewing a commercial cannabis permit for Mosaic Essential Extractions, LLC. Mosaic has applied for a Conditional Use Permit, a Business Operations Permit and plans to file for a Certificate of Occupancy to perform non-volatile cannabis manufacturing at 7941 Butte Ave, in Sacramento. The Mosaic project will naturally spark curiosity, provoke questions and inspire comments from neighboring businesses and residents. Mosaic aims to address these concerns through this notice to the public and continuing dialogue with The Power Inn Alliance. Their founders and team members value integrity and transparency. If Mosaic’s Conditional Use Permit application is approved they intend on applying for an annual membership with The Power Inn Alliance. Additionally, Mosaic intends to participate in fundraisers for community organizations and programs in need of assistance.


List of potential concerns and their solutions:


  • Building security - The entire concrete building is protected by 24hr CCTV inside and out, and private security agent-monitored burglar alarm system. There is no retail traffic, only authorized employees or registered visitors and distributors will enter the facility.

  • Traffic and parking for employees and tenants - There will be no retail traffic to the building or retail sales of any kind conducted on site. The building has several designated parking spaces. Mosaic does not anticipate parking issues at this point, but if any should arise, management will collaborate with neighbors to find solutions.

  • Employees Safety - Mosaic will create a safe workplace. To do this, they will create a secure and separate entry to the facility, secure cash handling and security areas, extensive security equipment including cameras, security lighting and communications systems that allow for instant notifications in the event of a burglary or break-in.

  • Fire Safety - The CE certified extraction system requires the use of non-volatile solvent. Mosaic will only use top of the line processing and post processing equipment. This equipment used in conjunction with strict, thorough and repeatable SOPs will ensure that an explosion will be highly unlikely. In the event that a fire should occur, multiple ABC-rated fire extinguishers will be installed and inspected regularly.

  • Communication with local authorities - Mosaic owners and consultants are in direct communication with City of Sacramento and California State Cannabis Enforcement officials. Mosaic is happy to provide industry-specific education for any employees of city departments that want to learn more about the company's plans. This transparent and ongoing  dialogue between the city and Mosaic employees will nurture a strong and mutually-beneficial relationship with these departments as the business grows.


For additional questions please contact:


Michelle Dougherty

Community Relations Manager